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The particular lottery groups are officially course by the State Government of Kerala, India

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April 25, 2024

Karunya Plus KN 519 Kerala Lottery  Full Live Results on Today 3PM

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As already pointed all Kerala Lottery Online Result Draw Live will be held from 3PM to 4PM. You can know the winning details through TV, website or tomorrow’s newspaper.Also, visit our website to know if your lottery number have won.To claim the Prize, Winners should check Before the official website once http://www.keralalotteries.com/  and submit the original lottery Ticket within 30 days .

Latest Kerala Lottery Result

DateLottery Name/Draw NoFull Results
25-04-2024Karunya Plus 519View
24-04-2024Fifty Fifty 93View
23-04-2024Sthree Sakthi SS 412View
22-04-2024Win Win 766View
21-04-2024Akshaya 648View
20-04-2024Karunya 650View
19-04-2024Nirmal NR 376View
18-04-2024Karunya Plus 518View
17-04-2024Fifty Fifty 92View
16-04-2024Sthree Sakthi 411View
15-04-2024Win Win 765View
14-04-2024Akshaya 647View
13-04-2024Karunya 649View
12-04-2024Nirmal 375View
11-04-2024Karunya Plus 517View
10-04-2024Fifty Fifty 91View
09-04-2024Sthree Sakthi 410View
08-04-2024Win Win 764View
07-04-2024Akshaya 646View
06-04-2024Karunya 648View
05-04-2024Nirmal 374View
04-04-2024Karunya Plus 516View
03-04-2024Fifty Fifty 90View
02-04-2024Sthree Sakthi 409View
01-04-2024Win Win 763View
31-03-2024Akshaya 645View
30-03-2024Karunya 647View
29-03-2024Nirmal 373View
28-03-2024Karunya Plus 515View
27-03-2024Summer BumperView
26-03-2024Sthree Sakthi 408View
25-03-2024Win Win 762View
24-03-2024Akshaya 644View
23-03-2024Karunya 646View
22-03-2024Nirmal 372View
21-03-2024Karunya Plus 514View
20-03-2024Fifty Fifty FF 89View
19-03-2024Sthree Sakthi 407View
18-03-2024Win Win 761View
17-03-2024Akshaya 643View
16-03-2024Karunya 645View
15-03-2024Nirmal 371View
14-03-2024Karunya Plus 513View
13-03-2024Fifty Fifty 88View
12-03-2024Sthree Sakthi 406View
11-03-2024Win Win 760View
10-03-2024Akshaya 642View
09-03-2024Karunya 644View
08-03-2024Nirmal 370View
07-03-2024Karunya Plus 512View
06-03-2024Fifty Fifty 87View

Finally, Winners full details also will be published in pdf form please download and check it once.The details of day today lottery winners will be published on the official Kerala Lottery online website at 5PM..

Those who have won of 5000rs can claim the prize by presenting the original ticket at the lottery shop in their respective area. Those who have won above 5000rs can collect the prize at the lottery office in their respective district.Winners of more than 1 lakh can claim the prize at the lottery head office in Thiruvananthapuram.